Hi, I'm Omera Parveen; the founder of The Parveen Collection. I grew up in the heart of  Atlanta, Georgia where the love of art has been coursing through my veins since the very first day I could pick up a crayon to draw as a young girl. Growing up, I was a very shy and timid little girl who was different from everyone around me, because of my shyness, in many instances, I was never heard. I started to write short stories and draw as a way to escape and enter into my world where I could be heard and seen. As the years passed, I realized that my love for art grew and I decided to experiment with acrylic paint. The first time that I picked up a paintbrush it was electric. I painted as much as I could and developed my style described as Abstract meets Expressive. My pieces are truly a reflection of my heart, mind, and the creative generalities which reveal themselves as they pass from my paintbrush onto the canvas. 

The beginning of The Parveen Collection came from my eclectic personality. It is truly a collection that encompasses pieces of me and my love for art, whether it be through painting, intricate illustrations, teaching or my new found love of surface pattern design. The perfect word to describe The Parveen Collection would be synergy. The synergy between my heart, mind, soul, paintbrush and a canvas; all culminating in an experience that captures the vivid recesses of the viewer's eye and heart.

The Parveen Collection is about expression, creativity, and freedom. My goal has always been to create art that inspires, transforms, and connects. I am inspired by my spiritual connection to my faith and the nature around us.  When I am not painting, I enjoy spending time with my husband, our children, and our cat.

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